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Pride Month is an annual celebration for the month of June that is dedicated to celebrating Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transexual, and Queer people and culture. It is also a time to reaffirm support for the LGBTQ+ community’s continued struggle for equal rights and treatment in society.

Ruby is a popular open-source programming language mainly used for web development. Many big tech companies, like Airbnb, Twitter, and GitHub, are built on Ruby. A lot of Ruby’s popularity comes from Ruby on Rails, which is a full-stack web application framework that runs Ruby.

  • What is Ruby?
  • Hello World in Ruby
  • Ruby syntax basics
  • Key Ruby concepts

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Design patterns are reusable and customizable solutions to problems that often arise in software design and development. The patterns you use and how you use them depend entirely on your own unique programs and problems. Learning design patterns will not only help you solve software design problems, but will make you a stronger developer and allow you and your team to communicate more efficiently and uniformly. Today, we’re going to take a look at some design patterns in C# and discuss their use cases and pros and cons.

  • What is a design pattern?
  • Behavioral design patterns
  • Creational design…

Working in the aerospace industry is a dream for many engineers. Aerospace is an exciting and innovative field that’s making important advances in the designing and building of machines of the future. The field expands beyond just space and rockets. As a programmer in the aerospace industry, you have the opportunity to work on challenging problems that are important to national defense, society, economics, and much more.

  • What is an aerospace programmer?
  • What types of roles are available?
  • Why…

Ace that advanced system design interview

Drawing of lightbulb
Drawing of lightbulb
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Distributed applications are a staple of the modern software development industry. They’re pivotal to cloud storage services and allow web applications of massive scale to stay reactive. As programmers build these systems, they need fundamental building blocks they can use as a starting point and to communicate in a shared vocabulary.

The coding interview process is notoriously difficult, and the preparation process isn’t any easier. Developers often spend months preparing for their coding interviews. At most big tech companies, coding problems are the biggest part of the interview process.

  • What is LeetCode?
  • Advantages of LeetCode
  • Disadvantages of LeetCode
  • Memorization vs. lasting learning
  • Alternative ways to prepare
  • Wrapping up

What is LeetCode?

Git is one of the most widely used version control systems and is an important tool for every developer to know. One of the greatest benefits of Git is its branching capabilities. Git branching is a fundamental aspect of your version control workflow. Today, we’ll discuss how to create, delete, merge, and rebase Git branches. Afterward, we’ll cover the next steps you can take to further your Git knowledge.

  • What is branching?
  • Creating branches
  • Deleting branches
  • Merging branches
  • Rebasing branches
  • Git concepts to learn next

What is branching?

Imagine you’re working on a project with your team, and you’re creating a…

Arrays are objects that store other objects. You can think of an array as a bag that you can throw items in. The bag itself is an object, along with the other items you store inside the bag. Ruby arrays are a very popular data structure, and they can be used to store many different data types. Today, we’re going to take a look at some of the common Ruby array methods every dev should know.

  • What are array methods in Ruby?
  • Common array methods
  • Advanced array concepts and next steps

What are array methods in Ruby?

Array methods in Ruby are essentially objects…

Enumerations (or enums) are a supported data type in TypeScript. Enums are used in most object-oriented programming languages like Java and C# and are now available in TypeScript too. They are one of the few features of TypeScript which isn’t a type-level extension of JavaScript. Enums allow you to define a set of named constants. Using them makes it easier to document intent or create a set of distinct cases. Today, we’ll explore the basics of TypeScript enums along with use cases, various enum types, and next steps for your learning.

  • What is enum in TypeScript?
  • Why use…

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REST APIs are a common topic of conversation in the web development community. While many are debating how useful the APIs functionality is, others are simply trying to understand what it means and how REST relates to RESTful.

  • What is an HTTP API?
  • What…

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